Marguerite Duras, memories from Vietnam

She is a worldwide icon still her story is deeply rooted in Vietnam. Emblematic French writer and movie-maker Marguerite Duras grew up in former colonial Indochina. As she recalled the Far-East country throughout her work, the latter also recalled her within its borders today.

Video: The Emerald Triangle, Pictures of Nature Beauty

The Emerald Triangle is a region stretching over three Southeast Asian countries: Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Its name comes from the natural wonders it contains, lush forests that resembles the soft green hue of the emerald precious stone. This region stands as a natural border between the three countries it spreads over. It is a beloved place for any traveler looking for jungle adventure and motorbike road trips.

This is exactly the kind of trip that American photographer Garret Suhrie took recently. For 4 months he drove around the Emerald Triangle on the bike he bought for 300$ when he arrived there. He took amazing pictures with his camera but he also recorded videos. The resulting video comprises his 6-000 kilometer voyage within 4 minutes loaded with poetry. Thanks to 3D-pictures and time lapse tricks, it shows the atmosphere of the region, that almost seems to be stuck in time. Lights play an interesting role in the video whereas points of view trigger a varied range of feelings and emotions.